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%u3053%u3093 %u3070%u3093 %u308F! I haven't gone on this site for like 1 or two years. But I'm planning to make new flash animations. :D

The first idea I had was to recreate my comic PKY and turn it into a full fledged animation. I was going to recreate the first 3 comics I made a few months ago (still in progress) and turn them into an animation. Wouldn't that be awesome? :)

The second idea I had was to make a Legend of Zelda cartoon, making Link look all cute and adorable, haha. It would be based off Ocarina of Time, and maybe Twilight Princess if I keep it up. :)

Okay, that's all I really have to say for now. Merry Christmas! %u3055%u3088%u3046%u306A%u3089!

My Resurrection! %u306F%u3058%u3081%u307E%u3057%u3087%u3046!

PKY/Anti Coming Soon!

2009-02-26 18:12:16 by iChewy

Hey, this is Chewy!

Anti Episode 2- Saving Private Snap is coming soon!

I've ran out of paper though.

Any donations? :p